Clark Groups Home Marketing System
Hire Bruce Clark to sell your house, apartment building, raw land or business.I Don't adhere to the 3 "P"s of most agents:
  • Put it in MLS
  • Put up a sign
  • And...Pray!

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The market has changed over the past year, rotating from a sellers market to a buyers market. Selling ones house today requires that, now more than ever, one select an agent - and a company - that market homes for sale in a large variety of methods and venues. I have developed a plan that works and I am constantly modifying this plan to changing market conditions. There are over 50 separate things we do to prepare your home for sale; below is but brief summary of our plan. For the complete marketing system, please click here to make an appointment to discuss your individual needs:

  1. Total Market Analysis- We provide a computerized market analysis of your property and make it a point to help you understand the "Total Market Analysis" which has to do with knowing the total inventory of homes currently on the market in relation to the number of homes currently pending sale. For example, if 140 homes are on the market and 20 are pending a sale, the ratio is 1:7. That is, one buyer for every seven homes available. (On a simple basis, we would say there is a 7 month inventory of homes for sale; that is, if the pace of sales continued at 20, and no more homes were made available for sale, it would take 7 months to absorb all the current inventory. We go a step further and share with you our proprietary inventory marketing solution) "Total Market Analysis" is an important concept when competition is keen! We understand what the data is telling us - which is imperative to making a good buying or selling decision.
  2. Prepare the listing contract: Explain the process of selling ones home. We sit down with you and go over what to expect during not only the first week, but also what to expect once we receive an offer and open escrow. This includes answering questions about the plethora of new forms now included in the disclosure phase of escrow, including the 5-Page Listing Agreement, the Confirmation of Agency Relationship, the 10-Page Statewide Buyer and Seller Advisory, the Transfer Disclosure Statement (TDS), Sellers Property Questionnaire (SPQ) (which is 8 pages long), and many other disclosures.
  3. Pricing - We then help you determine the price of your home with accurate, real-time information.
  4. Salability Checklist: The Clark Groups proprietary formula for how to get your home sold... fast and for the right price.
  5. Place a sign on the property (if desired). We only use high-quality signs, which we believe reflects on both of us that you are serious about selling your home. Add a lockbox so licensed Realtors can access it (if desired). This allows not only for easy access by the Realtors and their clients, but also allows us to track each and every entry into your home by a Realtor. The information provided allows us to follow-up with all showing agents quickly so as to ascertain the level of interest and to inquire if there are any questions that either the Realtor or client has. Each and every showing, phone call or inquiry of interest is followed-up with. (We can provide a weekly status report if so desired.)
  6. Take pictures: ALL our listings receive the maximum number of pictures as allowed by the SoCal MLS (which, at this time, is 20). Additionally, every property receives a virtual tour that is available for millions to see on, MSN, AOL, Trulia, Zillow, and other leading real estate sites.
  7. If necessary, schedule a professional photographer (for both still photos and the 360º virtual tour (see below)). Begin preparing premium color flyers. Once again, we believe that attention to even the most "minor" of details is important when we're asking someone to consider spending into the millions of dollars for your property. We will place the flyers on the property (if applicable), and distribute them to local Realtors.
  8. Create a virtual 360º tour: So potential buyers can tour your home on the Internet. By adding a virtual tour, your home will get increased exposure on many of the largest real estate sites, including,,,,, and many others. ALL properties listed for sale get their own virtual tour.
  9. Feature your home on the largest real estate site. Your home will be a Featured Home. Studies show that this alone increases the number of views of your home by up to 500%! Less than 2% of all Realtors spend the money to feature your home this way; why list your home for sale with someone who is not willing to spend their own money?
  10. Notify local Realtors: Send flyers via email to all local Realtors (over 15,000 email messages sent to Realtors announcing your property for sale).
  11. Sneak Preview: Unique to Coldwell Banker, this internal information system allows Coldwell Banker agents to find properties for their clients even before the home has been placed on the MLS: this is a very big advantage in getting your home sold!
  12. 800 Power Call System: Place your home in our 800 Power Call System, which includes a sophisticated call tracking system. Your home receives additional exposure for free!
  13. Advertising: We place your home in front of the most discriminating of buyers in many ways: call for details.
  14. Mailings - We mail thousands of pieces of mail each month. These include "Just Sold" and "Just Listed" flyers, a monthly newsletter to local homeowners and income investors, and a number of other innovative ideas to generate buyer calls.
  15. Internet Advertising: Studies show that Facebook users stay on a site longer, 75% of Twitter uses are on a mobile device, and posting a blog in a specific time range can lead to large amounts of additional exposure. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Blogger, Delicious, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest and many other social media and leading blogging sites: we're very active on all of them - and your home needs to be on all of them too.
  16. Coldwell Banker website: The Coldwell Banker' internet site receives millions of visitors each week from throughout the world, giving us - and you - greater exposure.
  17. website: Ranked as one of the top Orange County real estate sites on Google, ALL of our properties are featured on the web with multiple pictures, which greatly increases the # of clicks (hits). With preferred placement on, our listings receive up to 500% more exposure on the Internet than our competitors.
  18. Phone Calls: Calls are made to buyers currently under contract that may be looking to move up to your home, and other hot demographics. Plus, we call each agent that shows your home to glean feedback that will allow us to refine our marketing.
  19. Written Updates: If requested, we mail or email updates to all sellers every week, including the # of showings per the lockbox report, listing traffic, and the number of hits on your page created At
  20. Full Service Realtor: We are in this business full time. It is what we do to support our families and we don't approach it half-hearted. We don't do loans, so you won't find us splitting our time between loans and real estate.
  21. Office Networking - Coldwell Banker has many offices in Orange County with thousands of agents. We will expose your home in more ways to more potential buyers via online and offline means.
  22. Exposure to all Local Realtors - your home will be posted in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) every day until sold with the maximum amount of pictures used!
  23. Pre-qualify Buyers - so as not to waste your time; this allows us to bring in only qualified candidates
  24. Negotiating Offers - Present and discuss all offers with owners.
  25. Escrow Coordination - meeting appraisers, inspectors, termite inspectors, following up with all business with Title Company and anticipating what might go wrong.
  26. Finalize The Transaction - congratulate you on the sale or purchase of your new home!

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