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Orange County distressed property, including short sales, foreclosure, bank repos, and bank-owned properties (REO). Call the Clark Group at 949-285-1207. Representing buyers and sellers of Orange County properties.

Facing Foreclosure?

You have a multitude of options

There Are Solutions

Had income reductions, maybe a job loss or unexpected medical expenses - and now the bank is threatening to foreclose? What does that mean for you, your family - your children? Will you ever be able to buy a home? How badly will it affect your credit, your ability to rent a home, and is there an effect on job opportunities?

These are questions many homeowners are facing in this global economic disaster. Who can you count on? Where can you turn for accurate and trustworthy information? What resources, if any, are there to help you and your family through these challenging times? Coldwell Banker has a core team of California Association of Realtors who are Certified Short Sale and Foreclosure Resource Certification (SFR). We have helped many Southern California homeowners avoid foreclosure by selling their home via a short sale and have teamed up with experts in real estate law, tax solutions, credit repair solutions, bankruptcy law and more.

Next FREE Orange County homeowner workshop: to be announced. Our goal is to put you directly in front of real estate, legal and tax professionals to ask questions, seek and find resources, and to learn about options and programs that may assist you. Open to the public on a first come/first serve basis, receive valuable information on loan modifications, short sales, and much more. Seating is limited and reservations are recommended. Contact the Clark Group: 949-285-1207 for more information.

First thing you should do if you are in danger of missing, or have missed, a loan payment, is contact your lender: most lenders have programs in place that might be perfect to help you. Also, early on in the potential foreclosure process, all homeowners should not only contact an attorney, but also research all potential guidance and assistance available from the government, including the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). HUD's Guide to Avoiding Foreclosure may be particularly helpful. HUD's toll-free telephone number is (800) 569-4287. Not all homeowners, however, can qualify for certain HUD programs.

Foreclosure Process

In Default: What's Next:

30 days: Technically, after being more than 30 days late on a mortgage payment, the borrower is in default. Lenders may not contact you until a second payment is missed, but it is common that lenders report the first late payment and every subsequent delinquent payment to the credit bureaus.

45 - 60 days: Loan servicer notifies the borrower that they are in breach of the loan agreement and may file a "Notice Of Default" (NOD).

90 days to one year: Lender sends out a NOD and, after 60 days has elapsed, a "Notice Of Trustee Sale" (NOTS), which sets a sale date for the property (auction). Note that the lender does not have to wait any particular time period to foreclose on the home and sell it at a trustee sale (auction), but it is typical for there to be a 21-day period after receipt of the NOTS to allow the borrower to reinstate the loan.

>>> Click here for a chart showing the California Foreclosure Process.

Experience Makes All The Difference

We are very experienced in working with homeowners that are experiencing issues with regard to the payment of their home loan. If you are experiencing issues with regard to your mortgage, The Clark Group can help. Call us at 949-285-1207.

Saving Your Orange County Home: Don't let them foreclose on you.We are very experienced in working with homeowners that are experiencing issues with regard to the payment of their home loan. If you, or anyone you know, have questions about the real estate or mortgage markets, or are experiencing issues with regard to your mortgage, the Clark Group can help. Call us at 877-224-3424. All information is held in the strictest of confidence. If you are in foreclosure, we suggest your first call should be to your lender to inquire as to the availability of any loan workout programs. This could involve a modification of the loan, a loan forbearance, or even a reduction in the principal amount owed. If your lender does not any of those programs in place, or you don't qualify, we suggest your second call should be to the Homeownership Preservation Foundation at l-888-995-HOPE. They are an independent nonprofit that provides HUD-approved counselors dedicated to helping homeowners. Their services are free of charge.


Our next FREE Homeowner Solution Workshop: date to be determined based on demand. (If you want to speak with us before one of our workshops, please call us at 949-285-1207 or indicate this in the comments section of the below form.) Please complete the below form as our workshops fill up quickly - and seating at our Save Your Orange County home workshops are on a first-come, first-serve basis. Whether you are a homeowner experiencing problems with your current mortgage, about to miss your first payment, or are looking for answers about loan modifications, short sales, bankruptcy, or credit repair, you are welcome to join us at one of our very informative free Save Your Orange County Home From Foreclosure workshops.

On the legal side, we have a relationship with a local law firm that has a vast amount of experience in both loan modifications and short sales, and are now offering legal representation for those considering, or going through, bankruptcy.

The Clark Groups "Save Your Orange County home workshops" are free as is our representation of sellers in a short sale.

Our team also includes a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) who is well-versed in the tax code as it applies to those homeowners either facing or have experienced a foreclosure or sold their home in a short sale, and a credit repair specialist.


Attendance has been excellent and we have had the privilege of working with many homeowners from our workshops. Interested in finding out more information about our next workshop? Please click here to request information about the Clark Groups Free Orange County Homeowner Solution Workshops

Are you looking to buy a short sale or bank-owned (REO) home? The one thing we find consistent in speaking with real estate buyers is that everyone is looking for a "great deal." For some, it may be a property that needs major work; for others, it may be buying a property that is in pre-foreclosure (a property that has had a Notice of Default (NOD)/Notice of Trustee Sale (NOT) filed against it and is referred to as a short sale), or has been foreclosed on and is now a bank-owned property (REO). We are experienced in working with both buyers and sellers of distressed properties, plus those that need some 'TLC' before moving in.

If you are interested in receiving Orange County REO, pre-foreclosure, bank repo, and short sale property information, please either sign up for the Clark Groups free real estate newsletter, request our FREE printout of pre-foreclosure, foreclosed and REO properties, or call the Clark Group at 949-285-1207 to speak with us directly.

We have prepared a FREE list of Orange County distressed homes; have your printout faxed, emailed or mailed to you. Please indicate which price range and city you would like information on. To request your FREE printout, call the Clark Groups 24-hour hotline at 949-285-1207.

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